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Unlock the true potential of your property with our expert luxury real estate photography services. Elevate your listings with stunning, high-quality images that captivate buyers. Contact us for professional real estate photography that sells homes. Art of Home, Burr Ridge, willowbrook, McCook, Burbank, Homer Glen, cook county, Chicago IL
real estate photography
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I was born in Poland. My family came to the United States, Chicago when I was 10 years old to get

away from Communism and pursue the American dream. As a boy and young man, I had a voracious
work ethic. Some of my early jobs included McDonald’s crew person, Target as a
stocker/cashier, UPS loader/supervisor and even pushed wheelchairs at Midway Airport.
Eventually, I joined the U.S Navy. As soon as I got out of boot camp, 9/11 happened. I was
immediately deployed to the USS Carl Vincent air craft carrier. My responsibilities were the
maintaining of the coveted Navy Fighter F-14 Tomcat.


In the navy, I learned the value of teamwork and taking accountability for my performance.
Working on a $38M aircraft was a serious responsibility. Since I joined the Navy right after 9/11, we had real world scenarios that added to the pressure of doing the job right. Being in the Navy during troubled times tempered me to be able to handle big responsibilities under pressure. Later,
the Navy would give me the opportunity to be a navy photographer and so started the most
amazing journey for me.


When I finished serving my country in the navy, I started photographing expensive, high-line cars
like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and a host of others. Later in my career, I was asked by a
Realtor friend of mine, Joanna Para if I would like to try photographing a house she was going to
list. I jumped at the opportunity and so started my passion for shooting homes. While cars are
extremely cool to photograph, a home has life and personality. When I shoot a home, I try to feel
the love and life that has been lived in the house and bring it out in my photos. If it is new construction, I focus on the finishes, details and the functionality of the home. I am also drone certified and offer a whole menu of other photo/video services in the greater Chicago land area.


The love of my life is my daughter Olivia. She often accompanies me to my photos shoots. She
is what motivates me to succeed and be the very best at my craft. My experience in the Navy has
given me the skills to run my business with great efficiency. Most of my clients become clients
and friends for life. I take great pride in making homes come alive through my photography. I
am so honored to be working with such great people.